Corporate Owned REO

We have overseen the successful disposition of our institutional clients' properties since 2005.

The face of REO is ever changing. We keep current on new issues and technologies in order to serve our REO clientele. We are Equator Platinum certified, experienced in Res.Net, and RIO Genesis. We have been active in the business of listing REO since 2005.

It is imperitive to be able to "sniff out" potential issues before they become real problems with offers at the intial stages. It is also critical to be an active problem solver, and team member bringing all of our knowledge and experience to bear on each situation, in order to bring about a successful disposition of your property.

We are experienced negotiators, are able to trouble shoot complicated issues, and implement marketing strategies to bring you the highest price in the shortest timeframe possible.

While much of the process is automated and systematized to increase efficiencies, there also needs to be a human element. We are keenly aware of this human element when working with the potential displacements of occupants either through the CFR or eviction process. We provide an experienced evaluation of any deferred maintenance or safety issues related to the property, and suggest the best course of action.

We recognize that we are the "eyes and ears" for your business. It is incumbent upon us to preserve the integrity and identity of your business while representing you.

Because, it's your business.