Corporate Owned Investment Buyers NPL REO to RENTAL Property Management Houston


Over forty years of experience in the real estate and financial services industries.

It is the nexus of our various experiences over lifelong careers in the banking, real estate, and financial services industries, that makes the Xterra Real Estate team uniquely qualified to meet the needs of our institutional clients. Whether you are a banking entity, REIT, Private Equity firm, Hedge Fund, or local investor, we know you. We understand your needs and are committed to your goals. We understand how you operate. We deliver responsive, timely, professional service to every aspect of your real estate transaction.

Our listing agents are dedicated exclusively to you, the Asset Manager or your representative, and never represent the buy side of your transaction. Our buyers agents and other representatives focus their efforts on bringing strong buyers to the table for these properties and notes. This separation is just one example of how seriously we take our fiduciary responsibility.

Our buyer’s agents maintain a strong presence in the real estate investment community, serving investors from California to just around the corner here in Texas. We have experienced agents to ideally accommodate the needs of the various communities and business channels, we serve.

Whether foreclosure, short sale, NPL, REO to Rental, or investment buyer, Xterra Real Estate is dedicated to your goals, because after all, real estate is your business.

Please take a moment to learn more about us, and contact us today to meet the real estate needs of your business.